Intuitive Coaching


Intuitive coaching is all about helping you learn the ways your intuition talks to you and what is being said about any problem or situation that is confusing. Intuition can bring clarity and solutions that elude other modalities or ways of thinking.

Some of the areas that can be addressed in an intuitive coaching session include:

* A soulful appraisal of your current life situation

* Recognition of roadblocks that may be impeding progress

* Exploration of emotional or spiritual connections to physical ailments

* Intuitive understanding of relationship issues

* Understanding your particular way of accessing your intuition and building upon this

* Strategies for following intuitive information

* Assistance in finding energy and motivation to make changes

* Compassionate attention that brings self-acceptance and peace

You can have just one intuitive reading session or go for a series of coaching sessions aimed at making lasting changes. My background of having been a banker, entrepreneurial coach, life coach and now intuitive coach support a balance of left and right brain decisions and actions. And my varied and numerous wisdom keeper teachers have shown me any number of ways to access intuition and the healing energy that comes from living life from this dimension.